Imagine you have 10 minutes to pack your bags and flee

What would you bring?

Over 4 million* Syrian refugees, half of them children, do not need to imagine.


How you can help

Take the #WWYB Challenge

As the weather gets colder, put yourself in a refugee's shoes. You made the painful decision that your family is safer if you flee your home than if you stay. You’ve got 10 minutes to pack your bag and leave everything else behind…GO!.

Share your photos and videos - #WWYB #PTW

What did you bring? How did you feel imagining that you were leaving your home...forever. Share with us your experience and open a dialogue with your family and friends.

Donate to Project Toronto Welcomes

Donations are being accepted through Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge. You will find Project Toronto Welcomes listed in the 'select a designation' drop down menu. Thank you for your support.


Watch PTW members take the #WWYB Challenge

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About Project Toronto Welcomes

Project Toronto Welcomes (PTW) is a group of 30+ families who came together out of a common desire to do something concrete and practical to help Syrian refugees.  Watch our story
PTW is part of the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge and is working in cooperation with the citizen lead group Lifeline Syria.  Learn more about PTW
The group has committed their personal funds and time to sponsoring and supporting the resettlement of a Syrian refugee family in Toronto. Funds donated will be held in trust and will go directly to supporting our sponsored family during their first year in Toronto. Donate now

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